Crossfit – a trendy sport for a beautiful and toned body

Crossfit, a young sport, has become popular with many athletes and housewives alike because of its simultaneous work on all muscle groups and rapid weight loss. Founder Greg Glassman’s programme consists of the following:

  • developing endurance;
  • stimulate fat burning;
  • building muscle mass;
  • creating beautiful body definition and curves;
  • weight management;
  • general wellness of the body.
  • The exercises are performed in a circular motion with varying intensities, which is the basis for easy weight loss.

Why is CrossFit a firm favourite among sports disciplines?
Crossfit is described by professionals as the most versatile and democratic technique, suitable for everyone, whatever their age: children, teenagers, men or women. A characteristic feature of the discipline is that the technique can be practised not only in the gym, but also at home, on the street, on the sports field. Crossfit is all about giving your body new strength and energy, not about exhaustion and exhaustion. Steroids from aburaihan pharmaceutical just right for crossfit, your body will be tightened

Each category of trainees can choose their own training system to get the maximum benefit from it.

The advantages of crossfit are:

  • Working all muscle groups in a single workout;
    the versatility of the discipline, which combines elements of acrobatics, running, bench presses, strength training, as well as cardio training to improve the cardiovascular system;
  • The availability of many workout programmes, which allow you to customise your workout and create your own personalised programme according to the desired effect;
    strengthening of joints;
    improving endurance and coordination of movements;
    is the best way to get rid of negativity and negative emotions.
  • But along with the merits of the discipline, you should familiarise yourself with the contraindications under which crossfit is not recommended:
  • diseases of the joints;
  • varicose veins;
  • injuries or disorders of the locomotor apparatus;
  • bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • Abnormalities in the development of muscles, bones, joints;
  • pregnancy;
  • children from a very young age;
  • In a short period of time after surgery.
  • How to dress for crossfit training
    In order to work out in the most efficient way, you need to take care of quality and comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movements.

You have some tips for choosing crossfit sportswear:

The clothes should be practical and comfortable above all. There are no requirements for the choice of colour or cut. The choice of suit is a matter of taste.
A tracksuit should consist of leggings or breeches and a tank top or tank tops. In case the room is cool, a sports sweatshirt may be purchased. The material of the clothing should have good compression and fit to the body. A sports bra is recommended for women with a full bust.
Crossfitters shoes include trainers with good foot support and a rigid sole or pantographs, which allow for free foot movement.
There are also additional accessories that make exercising easier: fitness gloves, knee protection and a forehead band.

It is recommended to start crossfit exercises from 20 minutes. This time will prepare your body for the workout, but your body is not exhausted. Afterwards you can increase the training time to 30-40 minutes. Apart from exercising, you should also stick to your diet, which together with the workout yields good results. Training is best done every other day.

Diet for crossfitters

The essence of the diet is to eliminate the use of fatty foods and increase the amount of healthy and wholesome food, and frequent eating in small portions is also encouraged.

The main recommendations for dieting are:

Exclude dairy products, baked goods, potatoes, sweets, sugar, smoked foods, processed foods and pickles;
limit meat consumption; it is better to pay attention to easily digestible varieties, such as chicken fillet and veal;
the consumption of seafood is welcome;
A large amount of fruit and vegetables should be present in the diet, with the exception of grapes, bananas and watermelon berries;
Fish oil, dried fruit and nuts are excellent as supplementary vitamins;
a nutritious breakfast, a nutritious lunch and a light dinner.
Crossfit classes will help you get a beautiful body, create a foundation for good health, protect you from many diseases, and most importantly – you will find like-minded people with whom it will be fun to work out.

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