Hand bandages

In martial arts, sparring and athletic activities, many athletes use arm bands. They are the kind of protection that protects the arm from sprains and injuries. Properly wrapped bandages allow you to accurately calculate the force of a blow, which increases the chances of victory.

There are boxing bandages and wrist bandages. Boxing bandages are used in boxing, kickboxing, muih tai and other practices where hand work takes place. Carpal bandages are widely used by athletes in bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness, etc.

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What are boxing bandages?

A boxing bandage is a strip of fabric that is wrapped around the wrist. The standard width is 5 cm and the length varies from 2 to 5 m. The choice of length depends on the way of winding and the size of hands and gloves. Bandages are made of elastic or nonelastic fabric: cotton, synthetic, gel, etc.

Many athletes recommend the use of bandages made of natural cotton. This is confirmed by their advantages:

When wrapping a bandage made of natural fibre, the athlete feels the force of tension, which avoids constriction of blood vessels and disturbance of blood circulation, which is fraught with swelling and various hand injuries.
Bandages made of synthetic fibres have poor air permeability, which leads to sweating of the hand and, consequently, to a rapid deterioration of other protective equipment for the hands. Good hand ventilation contributes to a comfortable and quality workout, which is ensured by bandages made of natural material.

Wrapping methods of boxing bandages

There are several ways of wrapping, each of which has its own rules, non-compliance with which has consequences.

In all methods, a loop is placed on the thumb first, and the hand is wrapped from the top in a circle. It is advisable to adhere to the direction of the wrapping to avoid the loop slipping during the fight, making it difficult to perform. This operation is necessary in order to firmly fix the wrist, which carries a significant portion of the load during impact. Then each finger is wrapped, depending on the method chosen. Each method is good and it is up to the athlete to decide which one is right for him.

Carpal bandages and their purpose

Wristbands are made in different lengths and stiffness. They mainly protect the wrists and sinews of athletes against strains and injuries during powerlifting, squatting or weightlifting. It is recommended to remove the equipment during breaks in order to restore proper blood circulation.

The wrist straps come in two lengths: 50 and 61 cm. There are no criteria for stiffness as such. The main thing is the correct winding. A high-quality winding eliminates the phenomena of bending of the hand, contributes to the correct grip of the bar and increases the result by 5-7 kg.

Purpose of hand bandages

Hand bandages have several functions at the same time:

Protect the hands from injury. Using bandages, an athlete protects himself from injuries of the wrist, fingers, fist, possible bruises and sprains.
It promotes proper training of kicks, presses, as well as concentration of the athlete on the immediate work.
Minimizes the load on joints.
Increases efficiency of workouts by tightly securing fingers and wrists.
A good bandage allows for more efficient performance of various exercises and protects against bruises and injuries. Staying healthy is an athlete’s responsibility. By following the coach’s recommendations and listening to the advice of experienced comrades, it is possible to achieve great heights in the chosen direction. Protective equipment should not be a hindrance on the way to your goal.

When honing your skills in your favourite sport, you should be guided by safety first and foremost and high quality equipment will be a great help in meeting this condition.

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