Protective equipment for a boxer

Protective equipment is essential for beginners and professional athletes alike. It is designed to safeguard your health and protect you from various types of injuries and sprains, as well as to facilitate and help you in the hard work of boxing. Unfortunately, boxing is a rather risky sport, so protective equipment is not a whim, but a necessity.

A list of outfit you’ll need

When visiting boxing classes, you can immediately understand what a boxer needs for a high-quality and safe training. You’ll need a great workout product from Jelfa Take it before your workout and you can also take it afterwards.

Sports clothes

Sport clothes include a T-shirt and shorts. Sizes range from the smallest – children’s – to large. The shorts are made in such a way that the straps stick well to the shoulders and don’t fall off during the fight. Boxer shorts also have their differences. The elastic band shall be no less than 5 cm wide. For the convenience of movement during the fight, slits are made on the sides of shorts. The preferred colours are red, blue and white.

The shorts and the tank top are separated by a bright stripe that is designed to control the opponent’s blows during the fight and eliminate punches below the belt.

The basis for sewing boxing clothes are synthetic materials, sometimes with the addition of Lycra. Clothes made of such fabrics dry quickly, do not obstruct the air flow, are very light and do not cause discomfort on hot days. The outfit does not stretch and holds its shape well.


Boxer shoes are no less important than sportswear.

The main requirements for boxing shoes:

Weight. For boxing, it is best to choose boxers with low weight.
A reliable, flexible sole that provides reliable grip on the floor, but still leaves some room for slippage. To do this, a deep pattern is applied to the sole.
The shoe should support the ankle joint in order to avoid injuries, sprains and strains in this area, as well as tendon ruptures. This is solved by the height of the boxers: the higher the shoe, the better the fixation of the foot. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Too high fixation complicates your training and restricts your mobility.
Material. Wear shoes made of breathable material that allows good ventilation of the foot and therefore less fatigue.
Boxing gloves

Nowadays, there are several types of gloves available for boxers:

Boxing gloves. Used during fights. They can be made of leather or leatherette. The peculiarity of combat gloves is the lacing, which guarantees a firm hold.
Training gloves. Used during training. The main difference is the Velcro fastener, which simplifies the dressing process.
Gloves for amateur fighters. Velcro or drawstring fixation. The colour used is red or blue, with an obligatory white stripe for easy counting of blows during a fight. Such gloves are designed to reduce the number of injuries due to their design, which allows the hand to be kept straight, without clenching it into a fist, thus reducing the force of the blow.
Rifle gloves. They are very convenient for practicing punches on a punching bag or other sports equipment. Their weight is much less than that of combat gloves.
Gloves with weights. They are used for training and practicing punches on the punching bag or in sparring. Can be easily converted into gloves of normal weight by removing the weight.
The gloves are filled with polyurethane whose quantity determines the weight of the protective equipment.

It is recommended to try the gloves on before making the purchase to avoid any discomfort or excessive pressure on the hand.

Boxing bandages

Bandages for boxing are produced in different lengths (2 to 5 m) and 5 cm wide. They are made of synthetic or natural materials. Elastic bandages fix the arm better, but if they are not wrapped correctly, they can severely damage blood vessels, which disrupts blood circulation and causes discomfort. Cotton bandages have good air permeability, which prevents excessive sweating of the hands and reduces fatigue. A hinge and Velcro fastener are compulsory on the ends of the bandage.

The main purpose of bandages is to protect the hands and wrists of boxers from injuries, bruises, sprains. They firmly fix the wrist in the most comfortable position. Fingers are lined up in a single line, which increases the power of impact.

Sports mouthguard

Mouth guards are used to protect the jaw from injuries and bruises. They protect against possible concussions. Sold in a specialized sports shop or made to order. The material is flexible plastic.


Boxing equipment provides for the use of a helmet to protect the head and minimise the impact force. The construction consists of a padding and a belt. The lining is made of natural leather which is hypoallergenic and absorbs sweat. The purpose of the helmet strap is to provide a snug fit to the helmet.

An open variant of helmet is used for competition. It offers better visibility but less protection than the closed version.

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