The uniforms of a Thai boxing athlete

Thai boxing is one of the most popular martial arts in the world today. The practice develops not only physical strength, but also stamina, determination, diligence and self-discipline. Muay Thai fosters real masculine qualities in an athlete. Muay Thai is ideal for strong-minded women.

To practice Muay Thai you need to buy equipment that will protect you during training and fights.

Thai boxing equipment

For training you need to buy boxing gloves. There are several types:

Fighting – used during fights and sparring;
Training gloves – used during training;
Tackle gloves – for practicing punches on a punching bag, bag, paw;
amateur – for amateur fights.
A distinctive feature of the gloves for Thai boxing is their shape and weight. The oblong, slightly flattened gloves are very similar to boxing gloves. The average weight is 10-12 ounces. The heavier the equipment, the better the impact protection. Filled with polyurethane.

Unique shape helps reduce the force of your opponent’s blows. Additional padding on the back of the glove is needed to block the impact of the foot.

Fixation of the gloves on the hand is made by lace or velcro. For training it is recommended to choose gloves with Velcro. Made of natural leather or leatherette.

Boxing bandages

Protect the wrists and hands against injuries, bruises and abrasions. A properly secured hand provides extra strength and endurance. Bandages are available in lengths from 2 to 5 m and a width of 5 cm.

Synthetic materials or natural cotton fibre are used to make the piece of equipment. Each option has its advantages.

Bandages are recommended to be bought together with gloves to avoid too tight or loose position of the hand in the glove.

Thai boxing shorts

A special shape of the shorts ensures a maximum comfort of training and they do not hinder a competitor’s movements, especially when wrestling on parterre. The comfortable elastic band prevents the shorts from sliding down during the fight.

Thai boxing shorts are shorter than boxing shorts and have a brighter colour scheme. Made from synthetic or natural fabrics that are breathable, quick-drying and crease-free.

Girls will enjoy the sports top and shorts.

Undershorts .

Rushgarding is not a mandatory piece of kit, but it’s a welcome addition to keep your body temperature up while working out in the cold, as this thermal underwear protects your body from colder environments.

By working in the warmth, your muscles tire less, which gives the athlete extra endurance. Thermal underwear must be tight but not restrictive to the boxer’s movements.

Shin guards

Protects the ankle from sprains and injuries. Lace-up straps or Velcro straps are used for fixation.


An important part of the competitor’s equipment. It protects the head from injury and reduces the impact force of the opponent. When choosing one, you must pay attention to its design and size. Your helmet shall cover your forehead, cheekbones and chin as much as possible, be steady and securely fastened to the head with the strap.

An optional item of equipment are chest protectors or breast protectors for girls, which help prevent unnecessary injuries during training, as well as elbow pads.

Each item of equipment corresponds to its purpose and contributes to efficient training of Thai boxing elements. When choosing a particular piece of equipment it is recommended to try it on to avoid the slightest discomfort. Properly chosen size and flawless quality of every piece of equipment will ensure that the competitor’s attention is focused on training, providing a reliable protection and increasing the endurance of the boxer.

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