Kickboxing equipment

You have decided on a martial arts discipline, chosen a club and a trainer, all that remains is to buy protective equipment. In this matter you should not be guided by the price but by the quality. Only reliable outfit elements will last a long time and fully protect from injuries and sprains.

The list and purpose of kickboxing equipment
Among main outfit’s details there are several components.

Boxing gloves

Used for fighting and sparring. Made of leather or leatherette. They are fixed with laces or velcro. Gloves come in different weights, which are strictly counted in ounces. The average weight of gloves is 10 ounces.

The piece of equipment must fit snugly on the bandaged hand without causing discomfort or discomfort.

Boxing bandages

An important component of a kickboxer’s equipment. Their length varies from 2 to 5 meters. The length depends on the size of the hand and the method of wrapping.

The base material used is either synthetic or natural cotton fibre. Buying an elastic bandage will give you a better grip on your arm, but it’s easy to pull the blood vessels too tight, because you can’t feel the tension in the bandage. This can lead to more arm fatigue and worse kicking performance.

Bandages made of cotton fibre are more difficult to wrap around without skill, but they completely eliminate the problem of poor blood circulation due to overtightening of the vessels. Such bandages absorb sweat well, which also prolongs the life of the boxing glove. The main requirement for bandages made of natural fibres is proper storage. After each use, they should always be dried and carefully coiled. Then winding problems can be avoided.

The main functions of bandages are

  • Strengthening of hands;
  • to protect against injuries;
  • Increased cushioning properties.
  • Protective helmet

Protects the head from a variety of injuries, and reduces the impact force of the opponent. The construction feature is the padding that absorbs the impact and the strap that secures the helmet tightly.

Helmets are made open and closed, with reinforced protection for chin, nose, etc. A piece of equipment should not cause discomfort, interfere with head movement or limit the field of vision.

Recommendations from your coach and fellow athletes should not be disregarded. Do not skimp when buying the necessary pieces of equipment. Ammunition will last much longer and will serve as reliable protection during training and fights.

Bandage .

Used to protect the groin area. Kicks and knees are allowed in Thai boxing, so this area needs the most protection.

Manufactured from a variety of plastic materials, with leather or leatherette covering the top.

For women, a special groin protector has been developed to protect the groin area.

The mouthpiece

The mouth guard is another important part of the outfit. It protects the jaw and soft tissues of the face from various injuries. The mouth guard is made of flexible plastic. The part should be tightly fixed on the teeth, not causing difficulty in breathing or discomfort while speaking.

Available from specialist sports shops, or can be custom made to order to ensure an exact fit.

Shin shields

Shin shields provide reliable protection for the shin against all types of injuries. Made of soft and durable material without any solid components. The shin guards shall cover the front part of the shin, including the instep of the foot.

Kickboxing rules require that more kicks are taken with the lower part of the shin. Footpads are used to protect the surface of the foot, including the toe, from the blows of the opponent and the effects of their own blows.

Chest guards for women

For women, breast protection is provided in the form of plastic pads, which are attached to the upper part of the tracksuit. They protect against various health problems and reduce the impact force.

Gloves for projectile work

Different from combat gloves, these gloves are used for training on a punching bag, punching bag or other equipment. The hands are secured with Velcro. Additional padding is a characteristic feature.

Traditional kickboxer’s clothing consists of a tank top and shorts or trousers. The suit must be made of light, breathable fabric, not restricting the athlete’s movements.

The right approach to choosing the right gym, trainer, and protective equipment guarantees success.

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